Protest pasnic la Chicago împotriva proiectului Rosia Montana

După protestul de saptamana trecută de la Washington DC si romanii din Chicago s-au solodarizat iar duminica dupa-amiaza au iesit in centrul orașului, in Milenium Park pentru a-si manifesta  dezacordul cu privire la exploatarea miniera de la Rosia Montana, din judetul Alba. Un numar de aproximativ 50-60 de persoane de diferite varste, din diferite suburbi ale metropolei,  purtând steagul romanesc, pancarde sau tricouri cu Rosia Montana au raspuns afirmativ, făcut un mars al tacerii prin zona centrala a orasului.
Alături de ei s-a aflat si preotul Vasile Muresan de la una din bisericile ortodoxe din zona. O parte din protestatari au distribuit pliante informative trecatorilor, cu informatii despre acest proiect minier ce ar urma sa distruga o parte extrem de pitoreasca din inima Muntilor Apuseni.


Anonim a spus…
Artificial debate; Those people in Rosia Montana needs places to work for a minimum wage, NOW!
While those people pictured in Chicago are only brain washed by “Nu ne vindem tara” russian’s influence BS, while we are living already in AMERICA (!), and they so has nothing to do with those local people there in RM, the same as me here in Southern California, do I really, or anybody like me from the other side of Earth, are we really but care? Clear fundamental answer is pure: NO! But I am not a hypocrite.
Everybody, just use your brains a little bit, but REALLY, just try to USE THEM!!
Ro a spus…
They do need jobs, no question about that, but we also need mountains, clean rivers, plants, trees, birds, animals, etc...for people to grow up their families, a beautiful environment to live in. I have relatives who live there and I used to spend time visiting them while growing up so if I look now at what was left behind in Geamana for exemple, I don't want to see that being repeated in Rosia. There are plenty of other ways to create jobs in the area without transforming the area in a chemical waste site. Its not just about "we dont sell our country" . If you had paid attention of what RMGC did with that project for the last 15 years you would have understand who's brains are washed! Not to mention the secrecy behind the project and what are the details of the contract. There is a lot of corruption taking place there.