vineri, 1 august 2008

Don't waste your time and money for a sales position !

If you answered an add in the local Newspaper for a "manager position" and went to apply for it at M&M Company in Park Ridge, IL the job may not be what you will expect. If you will be interview by a person named Mr. Megana Picorelli, someone that thinks she won the lottery by having that job, in fact you are on the way to be a salesman, selling fire extinguisher and other bull shit stuff. So before you get into the thing, remember that the $80 deposit for background check you will never see them again as well as the other $300 or so for the equipment deposit. They are just stealing your money, hiding about the job until it is to late for you to back up.
Telephone (847) 296 4896 call and cancel you appointment now do not waste your time and money, unless yoou want that job!

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