marți, 16 iunie 2009

Invitatie la film: Festivalul International de Film Chicago

Filmul romanesc LIFTUL va rula, gratuit, miercuri 17 Iunie, 2009 de la ora 6:30 la la Chicago.
Wednesday, June 17, 6:30PM
Dir. George Dorobantu, Romania, 2008, Romanian with English subtitles, 89 minutes
Presented by: The Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, the Chicago Cultural Center and Cinema/Chicago.George Dorobantu’s tale of two teenagers trapped in an elevator is a powerful psychodrama—alternately humorous, tedious, suspenseful, and devastating. Two unnamed youth retreating to an abandoned factory away from the watchful eyes of the city find more privacy than they could have possibly imagined or hoped for. After each failed attempt to escape from the unintentional prison of their own making, the tension continues to mount. Shot entirely within the space of the three-by-four meter metal box, Elevator is at once minimalist and monumental in its exploration of the limits of human emotions.
Chicago International Film Festival

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