sâmbătă, 6 martie 2010

Post-Communist Romania: An American Perspective

Friday, March 19th 2010 @ 6:30 pm

737 N Michigan Ave, Olympia Center, Suite 2050, Chicago, IL 606011

Free Admission

Limited seats. We require all participants to sign up using the following:

Book Launch featuring ALAN ELSNER's recent novel: 'ROMANCE LANGUAGE'
Romanian Cultural Exchange (ROCX) invites you to attend Post-Communist Romania: An American Perspective, a book launch presented by distinguished author Alan Elsner. Mr. Elsner will be presenting his latest novel, ‘Romance Language’, a novel that is part love story, part historical drama, part coming-of-age, set in modern-day Romania, with tails of 1989 when the country struggled under its communist regime.
Alan Elsner is a journalist with Thomson-Reuters and a writer with a fascinating personality. Throughout his career, Alan experienced the most amazing cultures, witnessed wars, terrorism and natural disasters. His career exposed him to a wide range of politicians and individuals including Presidents of the United States, Secretaries of States and innumerous activists.

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