miercuri, 30 iunie 2010

Busted Chicago Police Officer and his "weird" daughter

 The feds arrested today JAMES WODNICKI, age 48, who is a 20-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department.  He has been charged in connection with a federal investigation into bribes and extortion involving the towing industry in Chicago. The officer allegedly solicited a $150 payment from a tow truck operator who, at the time, was secretly working for the FBI.
This was a five-year multi-jurisdictional investigation, “Operation Tow Scam,” into allegations that Chicago Police officers solicited bribes and extorted cash and other payments from tow truck operators around Chicago area. Criminal charges were filled against eight other people.
Officer Wodnicki has a Facebook account and among other pictures he  poses next to a police car which incidentally is near by a tow truck.

  His daughter Angela has also a Facebook profile where she's describing herself as "a weird person" who is surprised that didn't killed anyone yet, but believes "she still got time".

She writes: "okay, im a pretty weird person. alright to look at but definitely strange, at least on occasion. i'm half polish and half asian, and for some reason that combination equaled large boobs and very tall. also, news flash: i am a woman, and therefore CANNOT DRIVE. i am surprised myself that i have not yet killed someone. but hey, i still got time, right? my parents are creepy, but creepy in a good way. my daddy shoots people (not really) but he could if he wanted to.."
 and she continues "i wish to be stronger and hope to be more attractive (who doesnt?) one day, i will become fascist dictator of the world."

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