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Romanian Crina Coco Popescu has climbed Mt. Vinson in Antarctica

Crina Coco Popescu a atins marti, 4 ianuarie, cel mai inalt varf al Antarcticii - Mt. Vinson  în cadrul expeditiei internationale ”Antarctica 2010 - 2011”. Aceasta reusita reprezinta un nou record mondial de varsta pentru Romania, Coco devenind cea mai tanara alpinista din lume care ajunge pe acest varf. De asemenea este si prima alpinista din Romania care reuseste ascensiunea lui Mt. Vinson. 
 Tuesday, January 4th, 16 years old Romanian Crina Coco Popescu has just climbed Mt. Vinson - the highest summit in Antarctica. Her success represents a new age world record for Romania, Coco becoming the youngest climber in the world to reach Mt. Vinson.

"It was a long climb of nearly 12 hours that gave me no problems. I was expecting a long day for the summit. I moved well and although I was obviously the youngest, the pace imposed by Alex, Mario and Max was perfect for me. After nearly 18 hours of good weather with temperatures of -30 to -35 degrees Celsius, I came back to my warm sleeping bag", says Coco. "Now we are back in the Union Glacier base camp, waiting for the next climb: Mt. Sidley. I'll send some pictures in the next days, for the moment I can send them only by airplane."

Coco's objectives in the Antarctica expedition are climbing Mt. Vinson and Mt. Sidley - the highest summit and the highest volcano of the continent. If she succeeds in climbing Sidley, Coco will be the first woman in the world to climb all Seven Volcanoes - the highest volcanoes on the seven continents.

Expedition agenda for "Antarctica 2010 - 2011"
December 24th - departure from Bucharest to Punta Arenas;
December 26th - meeting the organizers from 7 Summits Club and Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions;
December 27th - briefing with the representatives of 7 Summits Club expedition and Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE);
December 28th - checking equipment;
December 29th - Punta Arenas - Union Glacier (ALE base camp in Antarctica);
January 1st - light aircraft flight to Hills base camp for Mt. Vinson;
January 1st to January 10th - climbing Mt. Vinson;
January 11th - back in the base camp of the Union Glacier;
January 13th - flight near Mt. Sidley, departing from Union Camp Glacier;
January 14th to January 23rd - climbing Mt. Sidley;
January 24th - back in the Union Glacier base camp;
January 25th - return to Punta Arenas (Chile);
January 30 - Departure from Punta Arenas to Santiago de Chile;
February 20 - Departure from Chile;
February 22nd - arrival in Bucharest;

Information about the expedition
Seven Summits circuit represents the highest summits on each continent:
Elbrus - Europe;
Kilimanjaro - Africa;
Aconcagua - South America;
McKinley - North America
Carstensz Pyramid - Australia and Oceania;
Vinson - Antarctica;
Everest - Asia. 
Out of these, Coco has already won six.

Seven Volcanoes circuit represents the highest volcanoes on each continent:
Elbrus - Europe;
Kilimanjaro - Africa;
Damavand - Asia;
Giluwe - Oceania;
Ojos del Salado  - South America;
Pico de Orizaba - North America
Sidley - Antarctica.
Out of these, Coco has already climbed six (Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Damavand, Giluwe, Ojos del Salado, Pico de Orizaba).  
"Antarctica 2010-2011” Expedition is organized by 7 Summits Club.
Sponsors who have made it possible for Coco to participate in the international expedition in Antarctica: Salomon - clothing and footwear, Explorer Sport - Skis, Beal - ropes and Zeal - ski goggles. 
Coco will be accompanied by her father and coach, Ovidiu Popescu, who will assist her from the continent, in Punta Arenas - Chile. 
Coco's team in Antarctica is made of the Russian climber Alex Abramov, president of 7 Summits Club and the Italian Mario Trimeri who intends to become the first mountaineer who concludes the Seven Volcanoes (who has already won the Seven Summits circuit).

About Crina Coco Popescu
Crina Popescu was born in Rasnov, Romania and she's climbing since 6 years old.
At 11 years old she climbed Dente del Giante in the Alps, up to 4000 meters. Then followed Olympus, Ararat, and Mont Blanc.
At 12 years old she climbed Kalapatar in Nepal.
At 13 years old she's climbing Kazbek in the Caucasus, Damavand and Alam Kuh in Iran.
At the end of 2008 she climbed Ojos del Salado in Atacama, the highest volcano in the world.
In January 2009 she climbed Aconcagua - South America's giant; Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus followed.
In January 2010 followed the expedition in Oceania where she climbed Kosciuszko, Carstensz Pyramid and Giluwe and than in North America Pico de Orizaba & McKinley.
At 16 years old, Coco has six records in climbing and a Master of Sport title.  

Comunicat de presa, Bucuresti, ianuarie, 2011

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