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Two pharmaceutical business are in fact spam websites



Today I got few new fake emails with a new fake websites: http://medicarepillsgroup.com/



 Registrant: Nothelmo Ruiz Nothelmo Ruiz (dully@mail13.com) Calle Eras 64 Venturada Madrid,28729 ES Tel. +34.760313274 Creation Date: 07-Mar-2012 Expiration Date: 07-Mar-2013  Domain servers in listed order: ns1.medicarepillsgroup.com ns2.medicarepillsgroup.com


For the last few days I've been receiving some emails that appear to be from You Tube, when in fact were spam. The so called "video link" was taking me to couple of websites that were selling drugs. I looked around and I notice that they were suspicious. For a person that is not very experienced they look very real. I started to do a little bit of investigation and it didn't took me long to realize they were fake. First they had no phone numbers for contact to begin with, because I was about to give them a call. The listed addresses were real, but there were no such businesses there. One address is in fact a retirement community and the other is the building of University of Southern California.

Going a bit further with my investigation I found out that the first web site "US Drugs" DRUGSTOREAWAKENING.COM is in fact registered in Spain and it was just registered few days ago. So the drug company just started this week. Should anyone trust them?! Hmmmmm NO, a big NO, NO because they are a FAKE website. 

If you do purchase from them you may end up giving away your credit card  and personal information!


 Registrant:  Belen Esquivel (tater@mailti.com) Celso Emilio Ferreiro 78 Tarazona Zaragoza,50500 ES Tel. +34.714137055 Creation Date: 07-Mar-2012 Expiration Date: 07-Mar-2013


 The second website is this:


Same story, the business is fake. At the bottom of the page they even listed a bunch of organizations and posted pictures  with FAKE diplomas or US membership certifications. This website is also a new one. Just got registered few days ago as you can see, again, by someone in Spain. 

 INSURANCEPHARM.COM Registrant: Geraldina Gaitan  (adolf@mailae.com) Pza. Fuensanta 98 Avion Ourense,32435 ES Tel. +34.988573832 

 Creation Date: 07-Mar-2012 Expiration Date: 07-Mar-2013


This kind of spam is going on for years now, those criminals changing web domains frequently. This so called "International Legal RX Medications company", was using not to long ago a fake mailing address in Utah and a fake accreditation from the BBB ( Better Business Bureau).  The BBB found out about it and posted this message on their website.


The website Spam tracker gives even more details about this fake business and their associates:

 "International Legal RX Medications is one of the spam "brands" promoted on behalf of the sponsor known as Bulker.biz. It was formerly associated with

Alex Polyakov and Yambo Financials but those entities are less tangible than the actual sponsor, who is known to be actively promoting this site. All share certain identifying characteristics; for example, they are hosted on the same hijacked servers. Other members of this spam family include My Canadian Pharmacy, US Drugs, VIP Pharmacy ("Viagra + Cialis"), Men Health, and Canadian Health&Care Mall."

Here are more details about those criminals:

As a conclusion be aware, because there are lots of fake websites out there and plenty of criminals willing to put their hands on your personal information! Do a little bit of research (google it) before you decide to do any purchase on websites you don't know.

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