sâmbătă, 21 aprilie 2012

Brief news from Illinois

32 years old man arrested after robbing a bank

David Ziesel, a 32 year old man from Elburn, IL robbed a LaPorte Savings Bank in Indiana yesterday. The men fled the scene taking with him an undisclosed amount of cash. He tried to elude the police who was chasing him for about 100 miles on the highway. While on the interstate he started to threw money all over the route I-80. Motorists stoped along the highway to colect the money. One driver colected as much as $5,000 which later turned them over to the police.The robber was eventually caught in his home garage in Elburn and is now facing a series of charges.

Penny sold for 1.15 million dollars

A rare 1792 penny was sold this week at an auction in Schaumburg, IL for 1.15 million dollars. The over 200 years old coin drew more than 20 online bidders. It is believed that only few other similar coins to still exist today.

Dean of students resigns after sexting

A Stevenson high school dean of students, in northwest suburban Lincolnshire, resigned this week after being accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a student. The local authorities were investigating the case but concluded that there was no immediate indication of crime.

Walgreens to pay almost 8 million dollars fine

The biggest drug store in U.S., Walgreens, an Illinois based company agree to pay a 7.9 million dollars fine, the US Department of Justice announce this week. The allegations show that the drug chain illegally tried to persuade customers to transfer their drug prescription to its stores by offering them a $25 gift card.

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