vineri, 10 august 2012

O radiografie realista facuta Romaniei in "The Wall Street Journal"

Doar de "bine" despre Ponta si gasca The Wall Street Journal 
"The new government of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, unhappy that some leading leftist supporters have been jailed on corruption charges is now determined to remove the centrist President Traian Basescu from office." 
"The Ponta government plowed ahead anyway, holding a referendum last month to finalize Mr. Basescu's impeachment. But it failed to obtain the necessary 50% turnout—only 46% voted, amid a boycott by the president's supporters and claims of ballot-stuffing in Ponta strongholds." 
"After public outcry, Bucharest has just abandoned a bizarre attempt to hold a census to show that the electorate is actually two million votes smaller than previously thought. "
"The Romanian Parliament now looks more like the front office for predatory interest groups than a deliberative legislative body."

"Meanwhile, Romania's media—for a time one of the most independent-minded press corps to be found in ex-Soviet Europe—is once again in the grip of the old guard, who are given to laying off journalists en masse when they write something unpleasant. "

"These powerful groups mock concepts like citizenship, public opinion and the national interest, especially through their control of much of the media. Take television magnate Dan Voiculescu, a former collaborator with the Ceauşescu-era secret police who landed a Senate seat in 2004 and only resigned this year at the age of 65. In a 2009 report, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe pointed out a marked anti-Basescu bias in the Jurnalul National newspaper and Antennae 1 television station, both of which are controlled by Mr. Voicolescu."


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