vineri, 21 martie 2014

Victor Ponta gafeaza in The Wall Street Jurnal

Pontacul gafeaza in The Wall Street Journal, zicand ca Romania e in NATO din 2003, cand de fapt am aderat pe 29 Martie, 2004! Cred ca iar a dat copy/paste fara sa citeasca ce au scris altii!
 In plus, Victor Ponta,  descrie foarte bine starea politicii romanesti, formata, asa cum spune chiar el, dintr-o clasa de politicieni corupti, fara scrupule, profitori de pe urma functiilor de partid. Acesta afirma ca ar vrea sa schimbe acest lucru, incercand sa vrajeasca ocidentul, in ciuda faptului ca actuala clasa politica s-a opus de curand ridicarii imunitatii parlamentare unor politicieni corupti si fara scrupule, care faceau parte chiar din propria lui coalitie USL-ista. O noua minciuna si intoxicare marca Victor Ponta oferita presei internationale!

"There are many areas in which Romania can do much better, for instance in government: Most importantly, we need to improve governance and limit the scope for graft in our country." Romanian prim-minister Victor Ponta .
Victor Ponta is selling cheep again. He thinks that if inside Romania he can be a plagiarizer, a liar, and get away with it, he can do it to the outside world, too. Not so. Not everyone is that stupid. Yesterday he published this article in the electronic edition of the WSJ, where he wrongfully mention 2003 as the year Romania joined NATO, when in fact it was March 29, 2004. He also mention, among other things, that we should "improve governance and limit the scope for graft". Waw, how nice and well said! What a fancy way of using the word "graft". What is "graft"? A nice word for political corruption! The word "graft" is defined as the unscrupulous use of one's position to derive profit or advantages; extortion; money or an advantage gained or yielded by unscrupulous means. Well said! The word perfectly describes most of the politicians in the Romanian government. The only problem is that while Mr. Ponta is saying one thing for the media and the outside world, he's doing another thing when comes to independence of the judicial system and the corrupt politicians within his own Social Democrat Party. Just recently they voted against a request from the Justice Department to strip some corrupt politicians of their legislative immunity. How ridiculous he can be!

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