luni, 19 mai 2014

Scrisoare trimisa de romanii americani VP Joe Biden cu ocazia vizitei in Romania

The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
Vice President
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20500

"Dear Vice President Biden,

On the eve of your visit to Romania, we ask on behalf of a large group of Romanians in the U.S and across the globe that you raise the fight against corruption and the rule of law with the Romanian officials. We ask that you press them to respect the commitments they have made to support an independent judiciary in Romania and that politicians be treated equally before the law.

Your visit is timely, coming in the context of the Ukrainian crisis that deeply concerns all of us.

As Romania plays a key role in the region, its leaders and politicians of all parties in Romania must understand that an independent judiciary system, an unbending rule of law and strong institutions fighting corruption are crucial to Romanian’s stability and in securing a better future for its people. No country is able to ensure security and prosperity for its people if it is led by corrupt politicians.

We want our family members who are in Romania to have the same opportunities as us in United States, where we were able to pursue our dreams because this society provides equal opportunities for everybody.  For that to happen in Romania, the law must be applied equally for everybody, whether average citizens or politicians.

Since December 2013, when the political coalition in power at that time tried to change the penal code to make it harder to prosecute corrupt politicians, multiple attempts to waive the immunity of different members of the Romanian Parliament have failed. There is a majority in Parliament that believes politicians are above the law and votes accordingly at every opportunity.

Such behavior is unacceptable in a democracy. These politicians betray the interest of the Romanian people and they put the country’s future at risk.

Please reiterate to all Romanian officials the need to follow through with their commitment to respect the rule of law, support an independent judiciary system and to continue the fight against corruption. On this note, the Parliament must waive the immunity of any politician who is charged for breaking the law.

It is also critical that the US administration reiterate support for independent media in Romania. The few voices in Romania that publicly support the fight against corruption and the rule of law are silenced by media outlets controlled by oligarchs, who virtually control all the mainstream media and the information flow in Romania.

Please take this opportunity to send a message of appreciation and encouragement to all the judges, prosecutors and police officers who are though on corruption, as well as to those few of the Romanian civil society and media who expose corruption cases. They make a huge difference in the fight against corruption, and without them the corrupt politicians would be unstoppable. 

On a different note, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the U.S. Administration for installing the anti-missile shield in Romania and for increasing the US military presence in the region, which is providing better security for Romania as well.

Please convey our message of encouragement and respect to the American and Romanian troops you will be meeting. We often meet here with American soldiers who fought alongside Romanian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and we are proud to hear about the dedication, professionalism and many courageous acts of the Romanian soldiers.

Thank you Mr. Vice President for visiting Romania and for everything successive American administrations, including the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, did over the years to strengthen the rule of law and democracy in Romania."

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Panait din Romania nu din America spunea...

N-am avut ce face si am intrat pe acest blog ! Din nou nu am avut ce face si scriu un mic comentariu !
Daca tot sunteti romani-americani sau mai cu seama "americani" care este explicatia pentru care va mai intereseaza Romania ? Poate va intoarceti si voi odata inapoi nu ?
Consider ( este parerea personala ) un gest de lasitate faptul ca ati parasit Romania si un gest si mai mare de lasitate comentariile facute de la mii de km departare !

Ioana spunea...

Motivul pentru care au emigrat romanii este unul personal si ii priveste pe fiecare. Au plecat fie la studii, fie prin casatorie, fie cu contracte de munca, etc. Daca pe unii ii mai intereseaza Romania este pentru ca mai au familii, rude si prieteni de care le pasa. In plus unii se intorc acasa si petrec timp, fac afaceri in tara, asa ca au toate motivele sa le pese saus a ia atitudine!