duminică, 12 aprilie 2015

Jane Golden talks about her book on Romania called "Secrets in the Vines".

An interview I did with the author & writer Jane Golden about her book on Romania called "Secrets in the Vines".
Colorful, entertaining and beautifully written, the “Secrets in the vines” by Jane Golden is a delightful mystery read. No, the book doesn't have any vampire stories in it, but it does have thrill and crime. It’s a book that captures Romania as it is, with good and bad, old and new, from the perspective of an expatriate eager to discover the new place that she sees through the eyes of a diplomat’s wife stationed in the capital Bucharest. Although is a fictional story, the history, the layout or the everyday life are as accurate as they could be. The book is very descriptive, filled with various humorous scenes that may be a bit harder to fully grasp them if you never lived in Eastern Europe. In any case, it is a perfect vacation book.

More info: www.secretsinthevines.com


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