duminică, 4 februarie 2018

Fake cigarette smuggling video pretending to be at US/Mexico boarder

This video, heavily shared online, pretending to be at US/Mexico Boarder, giving credit to president Trump for how good of a job is he doing protecting America, is in fact happening in Turkey. Trump supporters who share it massively on social media, are just spreading fake news.
The video is not even near the US/Mexico boarder, but in Mardin, Turkey. You can see that towards the end of the video(see sign  at min. 2.22). If you take a closer look at the video you will realize those are not American trucks, they are not US/Mexico boarder patrols, they don't speak English or Spanish and on their uniforms you will see the work KOM written on it.
KOM is the Ministry of Interior Turkish National Police

If you believed that in the first video Trump busted the cigarette smugglers, then here is another Trump bust you may like :)

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